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Waterproof Knees and Feet by Streifeneder

MHT are excited to reveal the latest additions to the Streifeneder KINEGEN series of prosthetic knee joints: the KINEGEN.wave!

The KINEGEN.wave is a completely waterproof polycentric knee joint, designed for activity levels 1-2. It is designed to allow amputees to safely bathe, shower, or swim in fresh, salt, or even chlorinated water without needing to remove their prosthesis. The polycentric design provides significant stance phase stability, further enhanced with a manual lock (which can be deactivated for more active users).

With two proximal adjustment options, adjustable axle friction for swing phase control, integrated adjustable extension assist, and weight limit of 125kg, the KINEGEN.wave is suited for a wide range of amputees. With Australian summer upon us, now is a better time than ever to try a KINEGEN.wave for your prosthetic needs around water!

Check out the KINEGEN.wave in action here: Confident in all conditions – with a waterproof prosthesis solution

Combine the KINEGEN.wave with other Streifeneder Waterproof components for a truly waterproof prosthesis! Find more information on Streifeneder’s waterproof range of componentry here: Streifeneder Waterproof Components

Order your Streifeneder components from Momentum Health Technologies today!

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