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Central Fabrication

Central Fabrication

Momentum offers central fabrication of custom prosthetic and orthotic devices using top quality thermoplastics, composites and expert manufacturing techniques.  Our focus is providing highest quality devices with dependable fabrication time and competitive pricing.

Our goal is to help fabricate to your needs so that you can focus on your patients.  We cater to your preferences of materials (thermoplastic or laminated), designs, componentry, trim lines, and finishes.  Common devices include spinal orthoses, ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) and knee-ankle-foot orthoses (KAFOs), as well as transtibial and transfemoral sockets (check and definitive).

Ordering is simple – just send us your CAD carve file or modified cast, and we’ll do the rest!  Devices are typically manufactured and shipped within 5 business days (pending availability of requested componentry), with express shipping available nation-wide.

Thermoplastic Transfer Options

At MHT we have 85 different transfer options available for your thermoplastic devices! .

Aquarell Dots Aquarell Dots
Army Camo Army Camo
Bats Bats
Black Skulls Black Skulls
Black Black
Blocks Blocks
Blue Camo Blue Camo
Blue Snake Blue Snake
Blue Blue
Brown Brown
Carbon Plus Carbon Plus
Carbon-Braid Carbon-Braid
Carribean Carribean
Cartoon Unicorns Cartoon Unicorns
Chevron Chevron
Circles Circles
Colourful Butterflies Colourful Butterflies
Comic Bam Comic Bam
Cosmos Cosmos
Crunch Crunch
Dark Sky Dark Sky
Denim Denim
Digital-Camo Digital-Camo
Dino Blue Background Dino Blue Background
Dino White Background Dino White Background
Dinosaurs Dinosaurs
Flower Power Flower Power
Fly & Drive Blue Fly & Drive Blue
Fly & Drive White Fly & Drive White
Funky Camo Funky Camo
Galaxy Galaxy
Garden Garden
Geometric Camo Geometric Camo
Hearts & Roses Hearts & Roses
Horses Horses
Ice Age 2 Ice Age 2
Ice Cream Ice Cream
Jungle Animals Jungle Animals
Ladybugs Ladybugs
Leopard Leopard
Light Pink Light Pink
Light Purple Butterfly Light Purple Butterfly
Manhattan Manhattan
Melody Melody
Military Camo Military Camo
Oatmeal Oatmeal
Ocean Ocean
Owls Owls
Paint Splatter Paint Splatter
Paisley Butterflies Paisley Butterflies
Paisley Skulls Paisley Skulls
Paw Prints Paw Prints
Pink Camo Pink Camo
Pink Turtles Pink Turtles
Plain Plain
Playroom Playroom
Punk Punk
Rainbow Stars Rainbow Stars
Raindrops Raindrops
Red Red
Reptiles Reptiles
Rockets Rockets
Rock-n-Love Rock-n-Love
Safari Safari
Sharks Sharks
Soccer Balls Blue Yellow Soccer Balls Blue Yellow
Soccer Balls Germany Soccer Balls Germany
Soccer Balls Red White Blue Soccer Balls Red White Blue
Solar Solar
Space Space
Spider Web Spider Web
Spotty Flowers Spotty Flowers
Spring Butterfly Spring Butterfly
Starlight w Pink Starlight w Pink
Stars Stars
Supergirls Supergirls
Sweetheart Sweetheart
Tan Tan
Tattoo Tattoo
Tie Dye Tie Dye
Tornado Tornado
Yellow Bugs Yellow Bugs
Yellow Yellow
Zebra Zebra

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