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Momentum Health Technologies are proud to be the Australian distributors for Vorum CAD/CAM systems. MHT provide all technical support, sales, installations, and training for Vorum products in Australia & surrounding regions.


Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) & Computer-Aided-Manufacture (CAM) represents the cutting-edge of technology available for the O&P profession. It provides a vast number of benefits & improvements over traditional plaster techniques:

CAD/CAM is fast

  • No more waiting for plaster to set!  With CAD CAM you can modify your shapes instantly without the need for expensive plaster processing rooms. Carvings can be reproduced quickly and easily, eliminating the need for cast storage or time consuming shape duplication. Casts are stored digitally, saving space within workshops and clinics.

CAD/CAM is accurate

  • Modify with greater accuracy than you’ve ever experienced!  CAD CAM allows quick, easy positional/postural changes without loss of identifying landmarks.  Shapes can be compared over time to evaluate growth, volume change, and treatment effectiveness to a level of detail not possible with traditional hand casting techniques.  All carvings are accurate to within a fraction of a millimeter of the electronic file shape.

CAD/CAM is safe

  • We use lightweight polyurethane foam for our carvings, which is approximately 15-20 times lighter than plaster, while remaining dense enough to withstand deformation during traditional draping and lamination manufacturing.  Manufacturing over foam virtually eliminates manual handling issues – no more chipping out plaster or carrying heavy casts!

Why Vorum CAD/CAM?

Vorum have been producing CAD/CAM products for the O&P industry for over 30 years. Vorum CAD/CAM solutions are installed in 45+ countries across 800+ sites, and have helped clinics achieve reported gains of 450%+ in efficiency and 600%+ in productivity, as well as better fitting devices. As THE inventors of O&P CAD/CAM with 30+ years experience, Vorum back up their products with comprehensive training and the best support. Read on to find out why CanfitTM might be right for your O&P practice:

Superior Scanning Experience

Vorum’s 3D scanners are the most accurate & easy to use O&P scanners on the market. Purpose designed & built for O&P practitioners, Vorum scanners take the guess work out of the scan experience and are optimised for use in clinical settings.


With the new Luma scanner entering the Australian market in 2021, 3D scanning for O&P is easier & more robust than ever before!

Unrivalled Digital Modifications

Vorum’s Canfit Modification software represents the cutting edge of O&P technology. With the ability to modify any kind of O&P device in just minutes within the one program, the Canfit Computer-Aided-Design solution is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use O&P modification software on the market.

Canfit is the ONLY CAD software for O&P which:

  • is a single program for head-to-foot O&P design
  • has true networking capability with proper file locking for a single version of truth with patient files (e.g. it’s the only software that can be configured in Citrix environments)
  • has patented tool for variable depth trimline flaring
  • has built-in export option for 3-D printing with variable thickness design on the device, including addition of components
  • ability to generate shapes from 3D scans or solely patient measurements with Library Shapes
  • has the ability for the clinician to decide the axis of rotation
  • allows the creation of custom modification workflows
  • has a trademarked, comprehensive, goal-driven training program to ensure success, known as SurePath


Want to know what’s been upgraded for Canfit v20? Download the “What’s New” document here!

Pay-Per-Output Options

Alongside the traditional yearly licensing model, Vorum now offer access to their entire software suite with no annual software licencing or purchase fees! The Access package is a pay-per-carve model, meaning you only pay for what you use. This means affordable access for service providers of all sizes.

Local Support & Training

Momentum Health Technologies provides on-site training in your facility, with ongoing, Australian support and post-implementation evaluation to ensure you’re getting the most from your software. All installs, training, and technical support are operated by local MHT staff, who are extremely knowledgeable in the use of Vorum’s range of products.

Feel confident in using Vorum CAD/CAM products with local support from MHT!


Contact us to see what CAD/CAM package is right for you today!