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Momentum Health Technologies are the Australian-based distributors for five companies, who are each internationally recognised as leaders in the O&P industry: Qwadra, Streifeneder, Albrecht, Amparo and Anatomic Studios. We have chosen to partner with each of these companies as they share our values of Advancing Orthotic and Prosthetic care through Innovation.

Qwadra is the digital division of Eqwal Group and represents the accumulated technology and expertise of Vorum, Rodin 4D and TechMed 3D. They are the global leader in prosthetics and orthotics CAD/CAM technology with a combined company experience of over 70 years. Qwadra has a complete range of CAD/CAM solutions from scanners, digital modification software and carvers. Worldwide a device made with Qwadra technology is fitted every 30 seconds. MHT are responsible for all sales, installations, training, and support of Qwadra CAD/CAM systems within Australia & surrounds. Find more about their range in the Momentum Products & Services Catalogue below, or visit the Qwadra website for more detailed information.

Streifeneder is known around the globe for reliable quality at cost-effective pricing. They produce a huge range of high-quality German-manufactured products; the range includes prosthetic componentry, orthotic joint systems and componentry, and orthopaedic machinery & tools. Find more about their range in the Momentum catalogues below, or visit the Streifeneder Ortho Production website for more detailed information.

Albrecht are a German-based orthotic product manufacturer, best known for their high-quality Controlled Dynamic Stretch (CDS) joints. The CDS joints are top-of-the-line with their function & build quality, and are available as individual components for custom fabrication as well as being available in a huge range of off-the-shelf solutions. Find more about their range in the Momentum Products & Services Catalogue below, or visit the Albrecht GMBH website for more detailed information.

Amparo Prosthetics are revolutionising prosthetics by rethinking how we provide prosthetic care. Thanks to its innovative design, The Amparo System allows amputees to start and or continue their rehabilitation immediately, without prolonged interruption or time bedridden. The Confidence Socket is and all-in-one, pre-assembled socket cone that can be quickly and efficiently moulded to the patient, allowing for a high quality, definitive socket to be fitted directly to the patient in approximately 1 hour. As the amputation progresses the socket is fully re-mouldable, saving both time and money. For more detailed information contact us or visit the Amparo Prosthetics Website.

Anatomic Studios believes in design that celebrates individuality. Based in Malmo, Sweden the team of designers and engineers offer truly unique 3D printed cosmetic covers for prostheses. Available both as a fully customised design, or from their stylish design catalogue, each cover is individually created to fit perfectly. Clever Swedish engineered attachments offer perfect security and adjustability for every cover. With Anatomic Studios there are endless possibilities. For more information contact us or visit Anatomic Studios website.

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