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Presenting the IN-Pulse Carbon AFO!

MHT is proud to present the latest addition to our Central Fabrication range: a fully (in)tegrated carbon-fibre AFO, the IN-Pulse!

The flagship orthotic device of MHT’s C-Fab services, the Pulse AFO has been fabricated for many patients at a wide range of clinics across the country. With our recent developments in utilising Pre-Preg Carbon technology in our centrally fabricated devices, we felt it was time to develop a new version of the Pulse AFO to best make use of these new fabrication techniques. Our R&D resulted in a fully-integrated single-piece carbon AFO design with superior strength & energy return.

The IN-Pulse has been in development at MHT for 12 months, including in-house and field testing at Momentum Sports & Rehabilitation Services to ensure it’s strength and longevity in the real world. Check out the IN-Pulse in action in our showcase video here: IN-Pulse Carbon AFO by MHT

Contact us to see if the IN-Pulse AFO would be right for your patients today!

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