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NEW: Streifytec PET-G – Maximum break resistance!

If you’re looking for a superior material for your prosthetic check sockets, look no further than Streifeneder’s NEW 111P69 Streifytec PET-G!

The new Streifytec PET-G is the next evolution of Streifeneder’s check-socket plastics. Boasting a greater resistance to breakages, impacts, & cracking than ever before, you can feel confident providing your patients check sockets (& even face masks!) made from this material.

It’s super-clear finish gives you a perfect view to the inside of the socket, giving you more confidence with your fit. And at a very competitive price compared to traditional check-socket plastics, this material can be used for fabricating check sockets of all types. You won’t regret trying out the new Streifytec PET-G today!

Read more about it’s features below:

  • extremely break-resistant & impact-resistant
  • thermoplastic deformable
  • biocompatible & easy to disinfect
  • no visible shrinkage
  • extremely clear finish
  • available as 400x400mm squares, in 12 & 15mm thickness

Want further proof of the breakage resistance of the new Streifytec PET-G? Check out the video below, where we dropped a 12mm check socket (several times) off of the balcony at MHT!

If you’re ready to upgrade your check socket / face mask plastics, you can order the new Streifytec PET-G through Momentum Health Technologies. Contact us to place your order today!

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