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NEW: IN-Pulse Prescription Matrix

For over 18 months now, the MHT workshop have been fabricating carbon orthoses out of pre-preg carbon, with our flagship pre-preg device being our IN-Pulse dynamic AFO. The IN-Pulse is a single piece of pre-preg carbon fibre which is fabricated in-house in Canberra, with an inner LDPE boot & cuff. It’s a device which provides fantastic anatomical support & energy return during the gait cycle, assisting it’s user to have a more natural & efficient gait pattern.

As we approach nearly 2 years since the original launch, we are really excited to reveal a brand-new prescription matrix for IN-Pulse AFOs! This matrix has been designed through a collaboration with the University of Wollongong and makes selecting a strut stiffness for a device easier than ever before.

Alongside the new prescription matrix is a brand-new Order Form specific for IN-Pulse AFOs.

This matrix was created through a rigorous study of the mechanical spring properties of our pre-preg carbon layup (more details in the procedure are included in the matrix document). Our original strut stiffness options have been fully replaced by the following grading system:

IN-Pulse Strut Grades: P, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

  • The centre line of the matrix (green) represents the recommended grade to weight for standard gait (moderate activity)
  • For a softer strut, select a lower grade (lower activity – closer to the blue line)
  • For increased stiffness, select a higher grade (higher activity – closer to the red line)
  • Our P grade strut is recommended for paediatric patients weighing less than 40kg aiming for a flexible, low activity AFO.

From Friday March 10th all IN-Pulse Orders will be required to use the new grading system

From Friday the 10th of March, all IN-Pulse orders will be required to utilize the new order form, indicating a strut category from P-5 as per the matrix. Download copies of the new prescription matrix and order form via the buttons below:

To order an IN-Pulse AFO from MHT, please contact

If you would like to discuss with us which strut grade may be best suitable for a particular device order, please contact our Technical Sales Specialist Lewis.

For any questions about specific products & general inquiries, please contact

Want to see the IN-Pulse AFO in action? Check out our video below!

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