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Introducing Albrecht!

We are proud to announce that Momentum Health Technologies are now distributing Albrecht orthotic products!

We were very excited to meet the Albrecht team recently at OTWorld, and we absolutely love the orthotic products they had to offer, especially their range of CDS (Controlled-Dynamic-Stretch) joints.

Our centrally-fabricated devices will be moving into using Albrecht CDS joints for orthoses requiring dynamic stretch joints, such as BRAFOs. We are also distributing CDS joints for use in your own fabrications, and have several sizes in-stock ready to ship today! CDS joints are also integrated into a wide range of Albrecht’s pre-fabricated orthoses, so you can quickly & easily provide the function of a CDS joint to your patients. Read more about the CDS below!

Albrecht CDS joint:

“Spring back to life”

The CDS joints are Albrecht’s flagship orthotic product, available in both individual packs for custom orthoses, as well as being integrated into a large range of pre-fabricated devices. The joints feature adjustable spring tension (toggled on/off using a switch), adjustable range of motion, and a sturdy & sleek joint body. Low-profile uprights allow the joint to be positioned as close to the patient’s anatomy as needed, helping to reduce the bulk of traditional dynamic orthotic joints.

With variants like the CDS Hinge 360° allowing up to 90 degrees of range in any set joint position, you can be confident that your patients will achieve the dynamic range they require. CDS joints are available for all sorts of upper & lower limb orthoses, so you can get dynamic stretch where your patient needs it.

Contact us to discuss which Albrecht CDS joint or CDS pre-fab orthosis may be right for your patients today!

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