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Product Highlight: Rivet Bars & Punch Presses

Alongside our C-Fab & CAD/CAM services, did you know that MHT also distribute a huge range of high-quality equipment & tools for O&P? Included in this range is today’s product highlight – Rivet Bars & Presses!

Rivets & hole punches are a staple of the O&P profession; they are used to secure straps, liners, fastenings, and more! As such, it’s important to have high-quality equipment available to make riveting & pressing in the workshop a simple & safe process.

Streifeneder’s range of O&P Equipment & Tools includes a great range of rivet tools & presses – check out the range below!

Order your Rivet Bars & Punch Presses from MHT today!

For more information on our range of O&P services including products & pricing, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at MHT!

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