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CAD Solutions

CAD Solutions

Momentum Health Technologies is proud to offer exclusive access to VORUM’s entire software suite with no annual software licencing or purchase fees!

Our Carve Access Package is a pay-per-carve model, meaning you only pay for what you use. This means affordable access for service providers of all sizes.

Momentum Health Technologies provides on-site training in your facility, with ongoing, Australian support and post-implementation evaluation to ensure you’re getting the most from your software.

Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacture (CAD CAM) replaces and improves the casting & cast modification steps within traditional manufacturing processes.

CAD CAM is fast

No more waiting for plaster to set!  With CAD CAM you can modify your shapes instantly without the need for expensive plaster processing rooms. Carvings can be reproduced quickly and easily, eliminating the need for cast storage or time consuming shape duplication. Casts are stored digitally, saving space within workshops and clinics.

CAD CAM is accurate

Modify with greater accuracy than you’ve ever experienced!  CAD CAM allows quick, easy positional/postural changes without loss of identifying landmarks.  Shapes can be compared over time to evaluate growth, volume change, and treatment effectiveness to a level of detail not possible with traditional hand casting techniques.  All carvings are accurate to within a fraction of a millimeter of the electronic file shape.

CAD CAM is safe

We use lightweight polyurethane foam for our carvings, which is approximately 15-20 times lighter than plaster, while remaining dense enough to withstand deformation during traditional draping and lamination manufacturing.  Manufacturing over foam virtually eliminates manual handling issues – no more chipping out plaster or carrying heavy casts!

Our Australian clinical partners are already seeing dramatic improvement in service quality, including

Greater clinical efficiency and throughput

Faster, more responsive services for clients

Improved device quality and fit

Reduced manufacture costs and time frames

Elimination of cast storage and manual handling issues

Contact us today to set up our Carve Access Package for your clinic.

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